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Healing Mental Wounds with Hypnotherapy

Healing Mental Wounds with Hypnotherapy

To anyone reading this blog this is a call out to you. Are you struggling with a problem? Can’t seem to stop a bad habit? Is that habit causing you trouble at work, in a relationship, with money? Think for a moment and ask yourself: how come I keep doing that behavior and only bad things come from it? Then ask when did it start? How can I stop doing that behavior and get back my life, one that use to be free of pain and trouble?

You see sometimes humans get bad hypnosis and it causes them to do something or act in a certain way that after a while, that behavior becomes automatic and it starts to become a nuisance in their life. And then one day they think to themselves why am I always getting into trouble or why is my life not turning out the way I thought it would? Why do I get sick more than I use to?

Humans are born with innate qualities that are in the cells at birth. You are born with the color eyes, hair and all the other traits you were destined to have. But were you born with OCD, pain, migraine headaches, anxiety, jaundice or any other physical thing you can think of? I could go on and on but you get my point. Of course you weren’t. All of these “things, behaviors, beliefs” or use any other label you want were learnt by you. Of course if your mother or father had a certain dis-ease, then you are likely (but not always) to inherit it from them, or, just say your chances are better for getting it from the genes you inherited from them. Let me make a caveat here, even though somethings are genetic: eye color, skin tone, etc. Most of what affects you is environmental!

But, when I say learned I mean that you picked up these neuroses along the way from when you were a baby until this very day. Somewhere you picked up the learned behavior. Some behaviors are good,  like checking your blood pressure after exercising so you don’t over do it while working out and keeping your heart rate at the optimum level for peak physical conditioning. But sometimes humans pick up bad after affects (bad hypnosis) such as when a person is in a war such as WW2, Vietnam or one of the existing war’s in Iraq and Afghanistan.  And something traumatic happens to the soldier, such as getting shot or blown up. After the traumatic event the person may heal physically but how about mentally? And this is just one example of a traumatic event. Being in a car accident, or the victim of spousal abuse, or victim of a crime are triggers for physical ailments. See, the person has been through something unnatural to the human psyche. The soldiers body felt pain, heard the war screams and saw devastation he or she never saw before. And that’s what causes mental problems.

All those things he saw, heard and felt have become part of his mental map and as he goes through life afterward, if anything triggers those bad memories the person may act out in inappropriate ways that are bad for him. There are many ways to help a person with any mental problem but Hypnosis is, in my  opinion, one of thee best if not the best treatments anyone could seek out because it is 1) quick acting 2) drug and after effect free and 3) it deals directly with the unconscious structure where the problem resides.

Hypnosis has been around since the beginning of human existence and is still, to this day, being used and that’s for one simple reason: it works. Psychoanalysis, psychotherapy, Cognitive-behavioral therapy and many other therapies take much longer than hypnosis in dealing with many problems. So my call is one of action: go seek help from a professional Hypnotist and get quick relief for your problems.

So anyone who needs help with any problem or anyone who knows someone in need of help can have him or her call me to get started on the road to health and get out of that bad hypnosis and into a better life, one that leaves behind, for good, those old limiting beliefs and thoughts that are wreaking havoc on their life. Joe 🙂

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