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Unboundless Human Spirit

Unboundless Human Spirit

The human spirit is the creational force in us all. It neither is afraid nor intimidated. Its at those times in life when you have a clear and succinct knowing that what is there is the truth and the truth is what keeps you feeling safe, happy, free. Take a hold of your inner knowledge and ride with it. Use it to find the truth in yourself, life, friendship, health and all other creational energies. You see and sometime you don’t, but, that doesn’t matter what matters is the truthfulness of what you are and what is in you.

Inside of you resides all that is or ever was and with that knowledge alone you are a master of all and of nothing. Nothing is material but you can overcome that by looking with your creational force, the force you are born with, a force that never dies but only eternally goes on. Once you know the truth of this, nothing can hold you back or force you forward. This life force is greater than any man made force. It is there in you and everything around you, on top of you, next to you and everywhere. You are a divine being, one with a fraction of creational energy that goes on forever even though your body may die. With this knowledge you can search and find truth and that truth will be known to you when you see it and think about it.

Many things are said and told to you about many things so as to misguide you and make you subservient to it. You must use the creational force that is you, that sits in you and is you in spirit. The spirit will guide you, show you what is right, help you discern between right and wrong and guide you away from corrupt thought and action. Only by following creational law, the law that is in all of us that tells us that something is wrong, can you and I attain that bliss, that spiritual power that will lead us everyday through earthly comings and goings.

One who is wise and thoughtful about the creational energy in us will rise and not be held down. The blind are more insightful and powerful by using their feelings, one’s who do not hear with their ears hear with their sight and see more than any person who sees through their eyes but doesn’t see that its what’s within, not without, that is right and leads to true knowledge.

Take time to see who you are within, listen to that fraction of the creation and learn that which is there right beside you. Can you listen without listening, hear without hearing, see without seeing? Yes, by just being who you know you are. Things come and go but that fraction of creation that looks out your eyes is eternal and its there for you, with you, by you and all you need to do is learn to get along with it, to learn from it, to love it, to be kind to it, to honor it, to be it.

Too many humans don’t know, but, I’m here to tell you that once you become friends with the fraction of creation that is you, your life will be as you want it. Do you want to not worry, be pain free, live life unafraid, be bold and live a wonderful inspiring life? One thats not worried about attaining, gaining, climbing, grabbing, kissing and all those other material things that really don’t matter one iota? Well, then wake up to who you really are and decide today to put all those falsehoods aside and stop living life like you need to accumulate and rise above others to get to somewhere you’ll never get to. Realize your already there and sit, relax and enjoy your life because if you do get to know who you are and say hi to yourself and love yourself your life will be beyond the stars and universes.


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