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The Might of The Thoughts

The Might of The Thoughts

Many people don’t know “the might of their thoughts.” A person’s whole life depends on their thoughts. From the time we are born we learn how to do all sorts of things from feeding ourselves to crawling and walking, then eventually reading, writing and arithmetic and we are told how to think about everything aren’t we? Our parents told us how to think, feel and act. So when we grew into adulthood we thought we knew quite a lot. We think in certain ways, feel a certain way and act on those feelings. But, what kinds of thoughts do you have? Have you ever thought about it and if you were to think about it now, what do you think? Are your thoughts positive, negative or neutral? I’m sure some would say “I am a positive person”, some would say “I sometimes have negative thoughts but they go away and sometimes I have positive thoughts.” Most people probably fall into that category—everyone has a mix of thoughts.

What I’m trying to get at here, are that thoughts occupy every second we are alive. There’s lots of talk thrown around about having a positive attitude, thinking positive, seeing the glass half full not half empty. But, what does that really mean? Don’t we also have negative thoughts? We are hammered from a young age, especially in America, with all kinds of beliefs (both negative and positive), assumptions and truths as well as falsehoods covering everything under the sun. There’s negative and positive in everything: in electricity, batteries, the universe and our thoughts. That’s right, in our thoughts. So, now that you know this what can you do with that information?

One thing you can do is to meditate daily. You might ask, “what’s that going to do for me?” and “what’s that got to do with my thoughts, the negative as well as the positive ones?” So, hear me out. If you can control your mind with meditation, which is why you meditate right? Then it stands to reason that you can also control your thoughts, right? And if you can control your thoughts, the negative and the positive, you can control your feelings and your actions, right? This sounds reasonable doesn’t it?

So you might ask: “why would I want to control my negative as well as my positive thoughts”? Well, look at it this way, if you can change your negative thoughts into positive ones, and because your thoughts lead to feelings which lead to how you behave and if you change your negative thoughts as they arise in your mind into good and positive thoughts, then those positive thoughts will make you feel more loving and positive behavior will follow, right? My opinion of life’s true meaning is to be a truthly true human. One who is honest always, fair, loving towards self and others, one who doesn’t steal, obeys all the laws of society and creational laws set down by Creation.

Being a true, honest, loving, peaceful and harmonious human being ultimately is about our inner spirit and its purpose and how we can grow and evolve our conscious and eventually our spirit so that one day we become a pure spirit and eventually become one with the universal creation.

But, there are many potholes along the way in life and making mistakes is one of them. Don’t despair though because mistakes are a good thing. If we didn’t make mistakes in life we would never learn from them and correct our actions. Make mistakes as often as you can, but learn from them the first time you make them and store that knowledge for later times and move on with your life.

As long as you work on your thoughts (changing them from negative to positive the instant they arise) your feelings will be positive and that will lead to your actions being positive. This gets easier the more you practice.

Learn how to meditate. You can go onto youtube or the Internet and look up monks and others who are skilled teachers on meditation who will show you how to do it. Meditate everyday and if you are a beginner, start out doing meditation for five minutes each day until you can go for six, then seven and work your way up to 20 minutes. Learning to meditate will help you to start to control your thoughts in meditation and with that skill you’ll be able to control your thoughts throughout the day.

Learning to meditate is imperative if you want to evolve your conscious and your spirit. We all have a duty and obligation to ourselves to be the best human we can be. If everyone worked on their inner selves, then their outer selves would work with every other human and that would and will lead to love, peace, harmony and friendship amongst all humans on this big beautiful blue planet named Earth, which we all call home.1

  1. Ideas presented in this article come from the book: “Might of the Thoughts” by Billy Eduard Albert Meier