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Cures for What Ails You

Cures for What Ails You

Cures for what ails you is an interesting idea in that you can ask yourself what is a cure? Is it a drug you take? Or maybe talking with someone? Or is it tapping on an acupressure point? Or is it those things and so much more?

To me a cure is when you have a problem and after doing something, saying a prayer, or listening to someone that knows something you don’t and they explain to you an idea they have, you are cured. By that, I mean you feel somewhat different then before. You feel better in a mental way and that feeling or thought makes you feel good physically as well.

The mind and body are one and the yin and yang blend like paint. If your mind is at unease then you feel it in your body. The chemicals in your head are affecting your body. To change how you feel you have to change those chemicals in your amygdala and Hyppocampus as well as the rest of your brain parts. I know everyone thinks they know this but do they really?

Neuroscience is talked about today by almost everyone but it usually is pseudoscience and people will pretty much believe anything they hear and read. And that is where people fall into the trap of beliefs being the gospel. Negative beliefs, distorted thoughts, and not seeing things as they really are by deleting vital information hinder humans and in turn cause troubles for the human mind and body.

But the good news is you can change your brains chemistry by just doing somethings that will change the way your brain senses the world around you. And I am going to give you some concrete things to do to change how you see your world and make you feel better mentally and physically.

Take a walk, set a goal for the walk such as: I want my immune system to get healthy. Then make up a mantra or phrase to say in your mind such as: YO-GA or HAP-PY or any two syllable word. As you walk, breathe deeply as you swing your arms. As you breathe deep, increase your in and out breathe and start to breathe faster so that as you’re breathing in and out fast, like when you’re jogging. And with each in breathe, in your mind you say: HAP and with each out breathe you say: PY.

Do this for two to three minutes and then stop and feel the wonderful release of mind chemicals as they wash over your body with awesome feelings of healthy energy flowing from your mind thru your body. Do it for two to three minutes in the morning, rest a minute and do it again for two or three minutes and then go about your day and notice how it makes you feel. You can do it twice in the morning or once in the morning and once at early evening. Avoid doing it before bed.

Over the weeks and months increase the breathing time, from two minutes to five minutes and keep increasing it until you can do it for two fifteen minute periods, and you will start to notice your health drastically improving. Build the time over the months, but, in the first month do the breathing for short intervals of three to five minutes each time you do it.

Next, you can do Emotional Freedom Technique. There are five points that you can tap on: between your eyes, on the side of each eye. Under the eye’s, just below the collar bone and on the karate chop portion of the hand. As you concentrate on a negative feeling, you tap on each point and as you tap on one point you say: “let that negative feeling go”. Do the tapping until the feeling is completely gone. Zero it to 0.

If you have any questions about these techniques e-mail me and I will explain them further. I Hope this makes you feel better and helps you to see your world in a better and healthier way.

Joe 🙂

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