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“I was a smoker for 50 years and after two visits with joe I haven’t smoked in three months. Seeing him made quitting smoking a very easy transition. It was life changing and I want to thank Joe for saving my life. I couldn’t have done it without him.”  Dan D

I am a Nutritionist in CT. I went to Joe Vicente at THINK Hypnosis to assist me with my decision to eliminate sugar and starches from my diet in order to rehab my immune system and metabolism. With Joe’s help it was a very easy transition and I am not only feeling much more energetic and healthy, but have lost almost 30 lbs. Thank you Joe! Kristine C.

The experience is amazing, talking about my negative beliefs, what I want from this experience and how I’ll walk away from this experience. I highly recommend this for anyone who wants to lose weight and can’t. By the end you will have the confidence and will power to lose the weight and be happy! Deb M.

I was very pleased with how quickly I got an appointment and how much time he spent getting to know me and my issues. Elvira W.

Great experience! Felt very comfortable,was skeptical at first but after 3 sessions I am down 10 lbs and feeling great! I highly recommend think hypnosis for any one who wants to loose weight! Edward W.

My husband and I had sessions with Joe and we were very impressed how Joe made us feel at ease and very comfortable. After speaking with him in length, we did our session which left me feeling very refreshed and well rested. I also received tips on how to improve my health daily. My husband’s sleeping has improved and his anxiety is less now, after his session with Joe. We are only sorry that because of time constraint we were unable to continue the sessions but we definitely will when we are back in Connecticut. Joe is a very easy to talk to and we will tell our friends and family about him. Thanks a million Joe!!!! Andrea F.

I attended the session for eliminating smoking in my life. I was anxious but Joe put me at ease. I have smoked for many years. I am now a nonsmoker on her 10th day!!! Martha S.

Very helpful working with my son who is on the spectrum and has anxiety issues! Carolyn G.

Joe was terrific. Exceeded my expectations. Judy H.

I am extremely satisfied with Joe and my therapy session. He was easy to talk to and made sure I got the full time allotment for the therapy. I had one session which I consider successful but will most likely return for a second. I have already recommended him to my friends and to my physician for patients with similar needs. Sarah S.

Really helped. Will recommend to anyone. Samantha M.

I’ve had my 1st session and am extremely pleased. Looking forward to my second session. John Z.

5 ***** Evan V.

5 ***** Linda G.

4 **** Anonymous

3 *** Anonymous



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