THINK Hypnosis


Hello and welcome to the THINK Hypnosis resource page where I will put content from sources I know will be of help to you. I will not put just anything on this page. I like to get real scientific information on anything I do or recommend.

This link is to a youtube video of Dr. Bruce Lipton. In this video Dr. Lipton talks about using your whole brain instead of the supposed 10% brain myth.




Here’s a book on helping a loved one with Alzheimer’s Disease by Judith A. Levy. Check out her new book at this link:


Here’s a youtube video showing you how to do a morning QiGong exercise. The man doing the teaching also does an evening 20 minute session for your health. Why QiGong you ask? Because we are all made of energy and if you are feeling sluggish and your energy feels low, maybe all you have to do is re-energize your self. QiGong is low impact exercises that anyone from 3-93 years old can do. It’s moving meditation for your energy. Use it at night after a hard day or in the morning to boost up your energy for a productive day! Enjoy it, it’s so easy and awesome!

Here are some Morning Affirmations for your day! Enjoy and keep well.

Here is a video to get your energy back and get out of a funk.

Here’s a great example and explanation of Hypnosis and why it’s legitimate!


Take a look at this short clip about how the brain changes, very fascinating and informative. And, this is what I will work on when you come see me. Changing your brain for the better!



Here’s a clip of what happens to your brain when addictions are alleviated with Hypnotherapy!


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